For an Art of Vision. Introduction to the cinema of Stan Brakhage

One of the most important and influential filmmakers of all time, the American Stan Brakhage (1933-2003) completed over 350 films—from psychodrama in the early 1950s to autobiographical lyricism, mythological epic, the “document” and the metaphorical cinematographic poem—until his death in the early twenty-first century. For many of his films he used his own handheld camera and fast cutting techniques, multiple exposures, collages, photographic abstraction and elaborate paintings directly on the celluloid of the film.
A filmmaker’s filmmaker, Brakhage was at the same time a tireless and passionate thinker who dedicated, more than any other artist of his time, a large part of his work to writing. Far from attempting a general approach to all aspects of Brakhage, this seminar proposes to study what is perhaps the central pillar of his work—the amateur and the epic brought together by the transformative power of the vision—using key films and writing that show the possibilities of cinema as a personal creative act.
Pablo Marin is a filmmaker, professor and translator. As an independent curator, he has compiled the DVD Dialectics On Hold: Argentine Experimental Film and Video (Annennae Collection, 2011), held Argentine experimental cinema programmes in the USA, Canada and Spain, and was part of the research group on Latin American experimental cinema as part of the Getty Foundation project Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA. He has compiled and translated texts by Stan Brakhage, J. Hoberman, John Waters and P. Adams Sitney, among others. He is currently working on a book about Argentine experimental cinema. In 2013, he was guest artist of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and in 2014, artist in residence at the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT), Canada. His film Resistfilm won first prize in the Avant-Garde Competition at the Filmadrid Festival (Spain) and was voted one of the five best experimental films of 2014 by the journal Desistfilm.

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