Mutant multiform screens

Mutant multiform screens (totem vs. locket screens). This workshop explores the different cinematic forms that have challenged the notion of the screen as a flat rectangular plane and which have generated experiences that move in areas that are known today as expended cinema. We will look (among other things) at audiovisual and spatial narratives, visual musical, projections on three-dimensional objects (mapping or video-objects), tracking and visualization of movement, and of the poetics present in this type of project. We will also work around totemic screens (cinema, billboards, mega-projections) and cameo screens (installations, micro-projections, mobiles.)

The workshop is made up of three theory and practical sessions that focus on planning and creating an exercise that reconfigures the traditional notion of the screen, exploring the integration of analogue and digital tools. We will review methods and ways of manipulating images in real time (mapping and tracking software), analogue projection forms, etc.

Carmen Gil Vrolijk. Artist, teacher, theorist. BFA and MA in Literature. Works as director of the Department of Art of the Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia. She has participated as an artist, curator and lecturer at events on new technologies and art in different cities in Colombia, the Americas, Asia and Europe. She combines her teaching with the creation of interactive multimedia projects and her main focus is on real-time video and large-format projections onto three-dimensional objects. In 2004, she founded the audiovisual project retroVISOR, and in 2012 La Quinta del Lobo, a multimedia scenic collective. Both projects work with music, the audiovisual and the scenic arts and have received various awards. Her most recent work, The Mangrove Tales won a MidAtlantic Arts Foundation award and the Large Format Multidisciplinary Scholarship of the Teatro Municipal Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, 2016.

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