Eugeni Bonet

Bonet works in the areas of video, cinema and digital media. Since the 1970s, his work has developed between reflection and practice, and between the context of the visual arts and that of the moving image. His creative work extends from film sculptures and multiple projection pieces from the 1960s to the film 133 (1978-1979 with Eugènia Balcells), at a crossroads between structural cinema and found footage practices; of video/alter-television essays like Duchamp (retard en video) (1986-1987) to the return to origins that entail multi-screen installations like Usession (2002) and The Perception of Doors (2014);and, lastly, the feature films Throw Your Watch in the Water (Variations on a Cinema Intuited by José Val del Omar) (2003-2004). Bonet is co-author of two books that constitute great reference works, En torno al video (“About Video”) (1980, with re-editions in 1984 and 2001), and Práctica Fílmica y vanguardia artística en España, 1925-1981 (“Film Practices and the Artistic Avant-garde in Spain, 1925-1981”) (1983).