María Ruido

is an artist, director, researcher and lecturer. She currently lives in Madrid and in Barcelona, where she is a professor in the Department of Visual Culture of the Universidad de Barcelona. Since 1998 she has been developing interdisciplinary projects on the social construction of the body and identity, labour imaginaries in post-Fordist capitalism, and the construction of memory and its relationships with the narrative forms of history. More recently, she has been working in new forms of decolonial imaginaries and their emancipatory possibilities.
Her filmography includes: Internal Memory (2002), Real Time (2003), Amphibious Fictions (2005), Rosebud Plan 1+ Rosebud Plan 2 (2008), Duty-Free Zone (2009), Le Paradis (2010), That Which Cannot Be Seen Must Be Shown (2010), ElectroClass (2011), Le rêve est fini (2014), and The Imperative Eye (2015).


Actividades Especiales