The Permanent Imminence of the Fatal

Natacha Nisic

17’ 17’’ in a loop | HD | Color | Stereo


Single-channel video installation



Two years after the Fukushima disaster, Natacha Nisic travels to the area and films the landscapes, the villages and the beings who have suffered the devastation of the tsunami and radiation from the nuclear power plant. Thanks to a device made up of a 25-metre tracking shot and 30-centimetre wide vertical mirrors at different intervals, the artist makes it possible for the view to encompass at the same time the field and the counter field, the before and after. When the camera passes in front of the mirror, a mobile image of the counter field moves in a horizontal tracking shot in the opposite direction along the width of the mirror. Without special effects, a play is produced of one image within another, of a movement within another, of a landscape and its opposite. The device makes it possible to conjugate the time of the movements and of the spaces in a single gaze.

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