CONFUSION-DIFFUSION: An Audiovisual Essay with Live Performance

CONFUSION / DIFFUSION is an artistic, audiovisual project emanating from the economic and social confusion that first emerged in recent years between Germany and Greece and now is spreading throughout Europe and the world.

The two countries are here as examples, representative of the differences and conflicts that are exacerbated by a crisis: north/south, rich/poor, developed/underdeveloped, hot/cold, discipline/chaos, abstract/concrete, improvisation/composition, etc. Prejudices and misunderstandings between nations will be addressed, which are provoked and disseminated by populist media.

We want to use contrasts, humor, provocative but also poetic images and sounds to put the stereotypes in question and to open up spaces for reflection.

Jeanine Meerapfel - Floros Floridis

60’ | Live performance - Live music - Live screening


Germany - Greece

DIFFUSION: An Audiovisual Essay with Live Performance

The performance consists of live improvised music, videos, audio tapes and prepared electronic tapes and texts.

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